14 décembre 2019, Buvons nature, Taipei

14 décembre 2019, Buvons nature, Taipei

BUVONS NATURE TAIWAN is an annual, one-day natural wine fair that takes place in Taipei, Taiwan. Founded in 2016, we are looking forward to welcoming you back for a 3rd time. A group of wine author, trades, and brand partners at Buvons Nature Taiwan are committed to:

Celebrating some of the best natural wines and their producers, so that the natural wine movement finds a tiny yet lively hub in Taiwan.

Providing information to the wine community of sommeliers, trades, and enthusiasts as they seek more natural wine options from wide varieties.

Creating experiences that characterize natural wines at their best: primitive, convivial, blissful discoveries that are at the same time sensuous and thought-provoking.

More information : https://www.buvonsnature-tw.com/en

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