“Aux noms de la Loire”

“Aux noms de la Loire”

Created in 2009, Aux noms de la Loire is a group of winemakers (a group of mutual economic interest) in the Loire valley:

  • Clos de l’Élu : Anjou, Coteaux du Layon
  • Damien Laureau : Savennières, Roche aux Moines
  • Domaine de l’R (Frédéric Sigonneau) : Chinon
  • Château de Fosse-Sèche (Guillaume & Adrien Pire) : Saumur
  • Domaine de Belle Vue (Jérôme Bretaudeau) : Muscadet, Sèvres et Maine
  • Les Terres Blanches (Céline & Benoit Blet) : Anjou sud (Oiron)


  • the terroirs of the Loire valley
  • a shared vision of wine as a gourmet product of terroir and artisan winemakers -
  • yet festive and favourable to new encounters and exchanges
  • organically labelled wines
  • a sense of friendship

Through this shared philosophy, they have chosen to bring together all, or a part of, their commercial business. Thanks to this organisation, customers can benefit from a larger offer (6 wineries, and a dozen of appellations) in one delivery and one bill.

The GIE of Aux Noms de la Loire is also:

  • a wine fair for the general public in Paris, on the Cercle de la Mer barge, the third Saturday in November
  • open days with all producers at Damien Laureau (in winter) or at Jérôme Bretaudeau (in spring)
  • commercial events involving the producers of the group
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